On the Page Current & Ongoing Classes:

First Draft Class

September 13 - October 18

Saturdays 12:30 - 3:30

Brainstorming the story you want to tell.

Outlining without writing a novel.

Getting your story out of your head and on the page quickly, efficiently, and creatively.

That's what we do in this class.

And, we do it in 6 weeks.

week 1: Idea Brainstorming

week 2: Story Outlining

week 3: Scene Crafting

week 4: Page Formatting

week 5: Dialogue Writing

week 6: Script Revising

In-person class at:

On the Page Writers’ Studio 12412 Ventura Blvd. Suite #3
 Studio City CA 91604

Price: $350.00

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Writing Cops and Doctors

Sunday, August 24

9:30AM – 1:30PM

In-person class at:

On the Page Writers’ Studio

12412 Ventura Blvd. Suite #3 Studio City; CA 91604

Try turning on the TV and NOT finding a show with cops or doctors. Go to your neighborhood multiplex and the same types of characters show up. Why? Because of the inherent drama and action that their stories generate.


Instructor: Dr. Zach Lutsky

Zach Lutsky is one of TV's most renowned and experienced doctor-writers. He is a board certified Emergency Physician, still working at a busy LA trauma center, but has also been working in television for nine years. Zach started as a medical writer/technical advisor on the wildly successful series "ER," and since has written for such network series as "A Gifted Man," "The Mob Doctor," and "Miami Medical." He is currently working on NBC's newest medical drama, "The Night Shift."

He will cover ...

  • The basics of medical dialogue
  • The most popular and frequently used medical pathology for TV
  • How to structure a medical scene to be exciting and active
  • How to break a medical story into its essential beats
  • Tips on where to find cool, unique medical stories


Instructor: Scotty Cornfield

Scotty Cornfield spent two years with U.S. Customs (San Francisco,

San Jose and Anchorage) before joining the San Jose Police

Department. He retired as a commander in the patrol division.

During his 28-year career, he received numerous awards and

commendations. His assignments included Homicide, Sexual

Assaults, SWAT, Crimes Against Persons, deep undercover work,

uniform narcotics, street crimes, patrol and jail commander. He is

also a screenwriter currently under contract on a feature film for a UK


He will cover ...

- “Cop talk”

- How Police Departments are structured

- The work of the Homicide Unit, CSI and Sexual Assaults Unit

- Undercover Investigations

- Interview & Interrogation

- Warrants, training, use of force, shift work and court.

Price: $125.00

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Writing Group (Invitation Only)

Price: $220.00

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