“The Coffee Break Screenwriter Breaks the Rules”

Who says you have to follow the screenwriting rules?

In this book Pilar reviews the rules writers assume they should follow, discusses why they’re there in the first place, and then shows you ways to creatively break them!

Rules evaluated include those addressing:
  • flashback and voiceover
  • empathy and backstory
  • writing “on the nose”
  • nonlinear writing and act-break placement
  • formatting sticking points
For every “rule” that’s discussed, Pilar covers:
  • Why the rule exists.
  • Why writers should break the rule.
  • How writers can break the rule.
  • How breaking the rule can break bad (so break with care).

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2ND EDITION:  “The Coffee Break Screenwriter”

Pilar Alessandra’s user-friendly script-writing book “The Coffee Break Screenwriter” has been updated to incorporate newer examples, TV instructions and additional Pitch Templates. It’ll help you brainstorm, outline, hit pages, rewrite and pitch your script using your stolen moments of time

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