Sketch to Script (Recorded Class)


NOTE:   This class was originally recorded August 2023.  

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Ideas buzzing in your head? Write a sketch!
Got a sketch with possibilities? Write a script!

This class will show you how to do both.

CLASS 1: Idea to Sketch

Sketch School Founder Marc Warzecha will be your instructor for a fun and useful overview of sketch comedy writing skills. He’ll cover the essentials that all sketch comedy writers need to know, including …

  • Sketch comedy structure
  • Game in the sketch
  • Creating characters
  • Comic Flaw
  • A whole lot more!

This class will include in-class writing exercises and games, as well as sketch comedy writing tips, tools, and takeaways!

CLASS 2: Sketch to Script

Pilar Alessandra takes it from here, helping you turn your great sketch or character into a feature or television script. She’ll help you think bigger, taking you through several ways to expand your idea and mine the story such as…

  • Building off of sketch comedy structure
  • Applying the game to scene-work
  • Building a story around your unique character
  • Fleshing out the writing
  • And generally getting it on the page!

Lecture, film examples, in-class writing tools and whole lot of inspiration!