Writing Feature Film (Recorded Class)

This class was recorded live in April & May of 2022 and will be offered live again in the fall. Until then, the fee has been reduced by $50 so that you can enjoy the recordings of the classes, recordings of the Q&A sessions, the prep handouts and slides of the powerpoint.

Story to script in four weeks!

A “learn by doing” class that takes you step-by-step through the screenwriting process, moving you from idea to script pages in four weeks.

Brainstorm the story you want to tell.
Outline without writing a novel.
Get your story out of your head and onto the page quickly, efficiently, and creatively.

  • Class 1: Brainstorming and Outlining
  • Class 2: Character Work and Scene Writing
  • Class 3: Page Formatting and Dialogue Writing
  • Class 4: Page and Script Development