Writing TV (Live Zoom Class)


DATES:  Saturdays, February 24 – March 16

TIME: 10AM-12PM Pacific Time

Additional one-hour Q&A, Sundays at 11AM Pacific Time

Pitch your series, outline your pilot and learn about the television business in four weeks!

A “learn by doing” class that takes you step-by-step through the TV pitching and writing process, moving you from idea to pages in four weeks.

Three classes are taught by Pilar Alessandra and  focus on creating and developing your series and pilot.

One class is taught by Carole Kirschner and focuses on selling, staffing and getting representation.

All live classes are recorded, in case you can’t make it in person.

  • Class 1: Series Overview / World and Characters
  • Class 2: Pilot Structure / Outlining
  • Class 3: Episodes / Season Arcs / Pages
  • Class 4: Staffing / Selling / Getting Representation

The separate, one-hour Q&A sessions are also recorded and will be sent to you with the class recordings.