dvdBoxI got the On The Page DVD and have found it really helpful! I must say that in addition to your years of expertise in the field I also really appreciate the attitude you bring to the arena.

It’s obvious that you really care about teaching and helping people build the best scripts that they can. You’re not drudgingly over-serious about the whole thing, but bring rather a spirit of play. It’s appreciated.

Debbie Phelps

It’s taken quite some time watching a lot of television and film, looking for patterns… writing and rewriting. Yet, your “On the Page” dvd taught the skill with a very natural flow. I can see how it even relates to television structure.

Geoff Linehan

Received the DVD at the weekend. Absolutely fab! Never thought screenwriting could seem so easy.

Lee Hamilton, UK

Brilliant! Thank you, Pilar! Just finished the DVD. It helps tremendously!

Mike Doyle

Got your new DVD today from the Writers Store and I’m immersing myself in
new ideas and new techniques. Great, great stuff! This information will go a long way in helping writers.

Scott Weber

Just watched your DVD. I learned more in 90 minutes from you than in literally decades of screenwriting books. I finally have the confidence that I’ll be able to beat out my stories correctly and create a salable product.

Aureliano Sanchez-Arango, District of Columbia

Kudos on a great DVD! I received mine yesterday (from BizBooks) and am already loving it. In particular, I don’t know of any other DVD or book that goes into such depth about different ways of brainstorming to come up with the story.

Graham, Toronto

It’s the single most useful tool I have in my library for stimulating ideas and getting me excited to outline.

Heather Bellson

Received “On The Page: The DVD” today. Great, great stuff. Love it! Thanks ever so much for making this DVD… can’t wait to see future projects.

Mike S.

Got your new DVD today from The Writer’s Store. I’m immersing myself in new ideas and new techniques. Fabulous stuff! This information will go a long way in helping writers.


Holy smokes….Just got the DVD last week and have watched it several times. I love it!


Love the DVD! It’s refreshing and I think your style will suit London. I will log onto my account at the Screenwriters Store as will my friends and make a case for it carrying you!

Darren, London

I’ve watched the DVD 3 times, and I’m learning more and more about my writing habits from it. After writing for two decades, I was amazed to find I still had something to learn, even at the early stages of a script.


Just finished your rather marvelous DVD. It’s both helpful, easy to understand and altogether genuinely rocking. With lots of “Oh moments,” in terms of “Oh, that’s how that’s done!” quickly followed by “Ah, right, that makes sense now!”

Ryan Boyd, Ireland

Your DVD is informative, fun, helpful, interesting and quite brilliant. Your presentation is warm, wise and engaging. Several of my friends and students are going to purchase a copy asap. It is easy to encourage almost everyone to own your DVD.


I love your DVD. I’ve had an idea that was stalled for about six months, and going through the steps on your DVD broke through the wall, and my script is going full speed ahead. Thank you, thank you, thank you. On your podcast, you mentioned a book to go with the DVD. When will that be available?

Dave Fogerson

I want to tell you how much I love your DVD. I have yet to come across a book or DVD that breaks down a story like this DVD does. For the first time ever, I have a full outline of my story written.

Lisa Marie Miles

I spent my Columbus Day watching the On The Page DVD and it was so helpful. I don’t think I could’ve spent a better thirty dollars.

Chelsea Devantez

I really think your 10-minute exercise approach works. For me, it’s about finding that structure through characters that works. I’m now a big fan of breaking things down into manageable (and fun) foundation pieces and building a solid story on them. I think your DVD would work for short story and novel writers as well.

Melva McLean, Canada

Your DVD arrived in the middle of the class term and I came to rely on it heavily–it was my secret weapon! One aspect which I love about your approach is how psychologically healthy the techniques are. The ten-minute exercises are a prime example of this.

Henry Hammond, Boston

I’ve been trying to write a screenplay for a while now, but as a single mom it has been very hard to find the time or emotional space. The 10-min rule especially has helped me to start writing again. You’d have thought I could have given myself permission to do that before! Sometimes the simplest and most obvious things elude us. Also, the time restriction actually seems to lead me to more creative ideas, which makes the writing a lot more fun.

Lucy Mullins, Ohio

Wow what a great tool for writers.

Christopher Templar

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