Pilar Alessandra, Screenwriting SeminarThe How to Pitch seminar showed me a variety of paths to getting my writings to industry professionals without feeling inhibited and how to represent myself and my project with confidence. The seminar instilled faith in moving my heartfelt writings forward.

Elisa, student

Thank you so much for your advice on Pitching Thursday at London Screenwriters’ Festival, it was utterly invaluable! In fact, I was able to utilise it all to good effect the very next day during PitchFest when I got interest from two production companies!

Stephan Burn

Not only did you help me find my inner confidence, but my inner professional! You shine!

Lee Forbes

Thank you again for your master class and consultation Saturday morning. You shaped my strategy and gave me the confidence to make the most of PitchFest. You made me feel comfortable enough to lay my insecurities on the table and start workin’ em! I had a number including some big ones ask me out-right for releases and scripts. I am pumped up like a balloon!

Zachary Reznichek

Sydnie and I can’t thank you enough for meeting with us on Sunday. We had our first pitch today for “The House” and rocked it – all because we followed the pitch structure you laid out for us. We had them engaged, laughing and understanding clearly the world of our series.

Susan Cohen

Thank you so much for your seminar on Friday. I learned to look at my story development in a new and idea-opening way – in fact, afterwards, I immediately reworked my 30 Rock pitch for a meeting that same day and the pitch went great.

Mai Nguyen, 2008 Disney Fellow

Just one of Ms. Pilar Alessandra’s classes was worth the price of admission (I think I attended three). Her class on pitching resulted in a refined pitch and half a dozen reps requesting more.

Jim T., Great American Pitchfest 2008

Thank you for your coaching about the art of the pitch at the pitch fest this weekend. I had my doubts about paying my own money to talk to producers, but your class made it all worth it because two producers expressed a strong interest, and a third actually asked to read a copy of the script that I had on hand!

Murray Williams, Great American Pitchfest 2008

Thanks for your wonderfully inspiring and informative session on pitching. While watching the session, I drafted the items as you described them and devised a very strong 1-minute pitch for a social drama. Your advice and “get to point” approach gave me a structure to finalize a pitch for my upcoming pitching sessions in LA.

Donna Roa

Eric and I were delighted with our pitch session with the best in the business. He had heard OF you, but never experienced you in person before, as I memorably have. Your combination of personality, knowledge, and enthusiasm is unbeatable and unique.

Al Allen

I felt confident in the room and seemed to have gotten nice responses overall. Your pitching strategies were awesome.

Irin Evers

You made all the difference in my pitching at the Expo. 10 pitches, 9 requests for information.

Terry L. Raun

In his words… “That was one helluva pitch” In fact, I got similar comments from almost every person I pitched to.

Steve Daniels

Just wanted to let you know that your approach to pitching–both your method and your presentation of it–has worked wonders. I’ve garnered enough buzz to get very good coverage from ICM, and have convinced many people to read it.

Ben Zolno

The pitch class gave me not only a format to use for my pitch but also the confidence to pitch. Pitching had become my focus point of anxiety. Now, I know that I can deliver a pitch with confidence.

Michaeline Johnson

I went into your class with a couple of rather clunky, uncertain paragraphs and your class helped me trim it down into a lean mean pitch. Out of five pitches, I got requests from four of them!!

B. Bourdeaux

Sunday’s Pitch Clinic was awesome! Thanks for the wonderfully practical information you gave us along with all the real-world wisdom you imparted!

Phyllis D. Banks P. Banks Communications, Inc.

Your one minute pitch, logline, and quick synopses teaching helped me with my pitching. Thank you so much for the advice and making it seem easier than it is.

Vincent Ternida

Just a quick note to let you know I pitched 17 companies at the Great American Pitchfest this weekend, and received 11 positive responses! Thanks so much for your insight & influence via the podcast and the class you taught Saturday afternoon – you’ve been a big help!

David J. Phillips

I was deeply impressed by the insight and imagination you showed in the pitch class. You were able to rework confusing log lines and dull pitches on the fly; each was greatly improved by your input.

James Houston

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