Just wanted to share my great news!  I want to thank you for helping me realize this was one of my better scripts and helping me get it out there in the world.

Robert Wooldridge, Grand Prize Winner of the Reel Writers Screenplay Contest

Pilar’s notes and her thoughts were clear, fun and extremely helpful; after working in a vacuum all this time it was incredible to have not just a conversation with someone in the industry about my project but a meaningful discussion with a clear objective at the end of it all — a starting place for the moment the call was over. I have quite a bit of work ahead of me but it feels manageable and I’m genuinely excited to do it!  So yeehaw!

Melanie Martinez

I wanted to send a note of thanks. I really appreciate your guidance and inspiration. I’ve got two different managers reading it now and, though I know that’s just one step in a long journey, it feels good to be moving forward. Thank you!
Elena Perez

I highly recommend Pilar’s Story-to-Script series. Prior to working with Pilar, it had taken me at least a year to complete one screenplay. But working with Pilar through her Story-to-Script framework,  I was able to finish my recent screenplay in just over 3 months. More importantly, I feel the screenplay is far and away the best thing I’ve written.

I recommend Pilar to any writer who is looking to improve.

Eric Meyer

I wanted to let you know that the pilot you helped me with has been a finalist in the Austin Film Festival Writing Competition, Cinequest Teleplay Contest, WeScreenplay TV Pilot Contest and the Writers for Writers Fellowship. Thank you so much for all of your help!
Tammy Caplan
I couldn’t have done it without Pilar who not only helped me get to the heart of my story but encouraged me to enter it into festivals.
 Natalia Megas, Best Screenplay Winner, Nova Film Festival

I feel encouraged and inspired after my consultation with Pilar. Her laser-focus on the story cut through so much confusion. Now, I can take it to the next level.

Dallas Faulkner

I had a fabulous session with Pilar.  She’s the real deal for the kind of support, teaching, mentoring, and guidance I need.  I loved working with her.  She’s genuine and so sharp.  She knows story and I love that about her, because that’s what we do—tell stories!

Toni Holm

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Your advice, insight, thoughts were spot on fantastic.  I am now excited for the rewrite having gained so much valuable feedback that I have no doubt will improve the script.

I must confess I was a little nervous about sending in a script, as though I was being graded — and all that trepidation faded immediately as I was quickly swept up with taking notes and seeing the script transform into a more streamlined and focused script.

John Lawrence

Your consultation on my screenplay was nothing less than awesome. You gave me a handful story-fixin’ feedback that makes me feel dumb for not thinking of it myself — but prideful for being smart enough to hire you.

Mike Mulqueen

Pilar, just wanted to tell you how happy I am to have worked with you on my script, PERISHABLE.  I found your comments so helpful and insightful, and just the guidance I needed to whip my screenplay into final shape.

Barbara Morucci

Pilar, thank you so much for the guidance you gave me on my script last week on our Friday call. You are not only a great sounding board to bounce new ideas off of but you always have a new way to help writers tell their story. I will continue to use you as a script consultant in the future and would recommend you to all screenwriters.

Bill Daley

We’re shot and have moved into edit. Thanks to your consulting, I got this script on the page.

David Kauffman

Not only was the play published, but also I’ve had a short story, a travel log, and three essays published as well. And I’m in the very early stages of writing a book on my own philosophy. Prior to working with you I didn’t think I was a writer, but you gave me the confidence to believe that I could write, and obviously a lot in my life has changed because of that. Thank you so much.

Eric Jones

Gosh darn girl! YOU FAR EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS and I have the UTMOST respect for your talent, so that was a tall order. I’ll never be able to properly thank you for pulling this script out of my head and making it clear. It is not only clear to me but it is also clear on the page.

Monique Johnson

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful notes.   It’s so refreshing to get smart suggestions, fresh ideas and input that helps me see my own work through another prism. I feel like you’ve thrown me a life raft.

Alana Sanko

Thanks to you, my screenplay “Away” is a semifinalist in the Kairos Screenplay Competition.  I wouldn’t have entered without your encouragement and the script wouldn’t have been high enough quality to make it to the semifinal round, so thank you very much for your help!

Justen Overlander

I’d like to say a huge thank you for your script consultation last Thursday on THE KINGDOM OF ANGELS.

Your global view and detailed notes were all extremely useful. Nina and I were so pleased that you felt our project was heading in the right direction – and I’m looking forward to getting the notes into the next draft! The session was one of the highlights for me of an amazing week in LA.

Stuart Croft

I incorporated all your wonderful suggestions so this draft really came to life, even though it’s only 108 pages! Thanks again for all your help. I even wrote a new logline that I think really nails the story.

Jeff Meyers

I just wanted to say thank you. I just found out today that a script I consulted with you on proceeded to the second round at the Austin Film Fest

Not only that (!), but another script you gave me input on for the first 10 pages, for which I very much used your beat-to-outline system from your video before I wrote it, is proceeding to the Semifinals! This was the one I won with in your logline contest this past Christmas. V-Day.

And obviously, being an avid listener of your podcast is also its own education.

Needless to say I’m over the moon to have both these scripts doing so well at Austin of all places, and in the same year.

So, just a heartfelt thanks for you being you. I honestly don’t believe I could have done this without you.

Imran Zaidi

Last year, you generously gave time over the phone for my short film screenplay (working title was APARTMENT 7D), and I used a lot of your advice during rewrites. I completed post-production last month–the film is now called BAYONET–and it has just been invited to screen at its first two AMPAS-recognized film festivals. In sharing this news with cast, crew, and everyone who helped make this happen, I wanted to thank you too for your fundamental impact on the film’s story.

Gregory Horoupian

I just wanted to let you know I made the Quarterfinals of the Shoreline Screenwrittng Competition with ‘Total Conviction’. Very, very excited and it is once again thanks to your invaluable advice and all the learning I’ve done from your awesome podcasts.

Lindsay Gossling

Your notes were helpful, thorough and re-inspired me about this script.  We could finally finish this thing this year with your help!

Glenn Sanders

Your consultations have been inspirational on story and character development.

Julie Kirtz Garrett

Pilar was great to work with, giving both clarity and encouragement for my second draft.

Andrea Stewart

I appreciate Pilar’s objectivity and how encouraging she is even as she’s providing her critique.

Kim Johnson

I feel like I am going in tomorrow with a very clear strong way to pitch this script tomorrow. Also I am going home with great excitement to put in place your ideas. I  am always amazed at your ability to quickly get to the needs of a script and strengthen it. Turn a good story in to a better one.

Suzanne Kelman

Thank you for your incredible story analyst skills and for your talent for helping screenwriters such as me bring out our award-winning stories from the mish-mosh of jumbled thoughts we often send to you in our first drafts.

Kim M. Brantley

Your acumen when it comes to the whole span of storytelling from storyline and structure and down to the details is unparalleled. Again; thank you very, very much.

Vidar Steffensen

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the insight and great ideas you had.  I really appreciated the depth of your analysis and the enthusiasm for the story.  I have begun another draft to incorporate your feedback and I am looking forward to the revised script.

Mark Winzer

I just wanted to say thank you for your time yesterday.  I really enjoyed and valued discussing my story with you.  I’ve already made most of the changes we discussed and are going through a few additional items as we speak.  I worked in some amazing stuff that has made my characters and overall story much stronger and more meaningful.  Some of this new direction really cranks up the tension.  I can’t thank you enough for the boost in confidence our meeting has given me.  It means a lot.  As you know making a movie is not an easy thing, but making one with a script you fully believe in can make all the difference in the world.

Louis Palma

You took one of my scripts and showed me where it was strong – and where it could be stronger. You gave me ideas -not more questions. Most importantly, I went away with fresh ideas -but it was still my story. You are a wonderful catalyst and mentor.

Matt Treacy

I had a wonderful experience going through The Fisherman with you…I’m sharpening my pencil…thanks for the BIG MOVES

Jason Toussaint

I have made it to the “send in your whole script” stage of the Sundance Filmmaker’s Lab.  Your great work, both on the script as a whole and those first five pages, has taught me a lot, and I am grateful for your insight and approach!

Angie Powers

Thanks so much for your incredible input. Today, as I approach this outline, I feel like a giant weight has been lifted. I can’t thank you enough!!

Jennifer Joyce, writer for MAD TV

At every stage in a writer’s career there is a continual need to hone craft. With Pilar, you not only learn craft, but refresh craft.  She deeply understands structure, and also has a great eye/ear for cuts, missing beats, redundant dialogue, character consistency, etc. She’s an invaluable script analyst, an inspiring teacher, an expert on craft…all complemented with a delicious wit. Before I send out material for submission, I run the project by Pilar for fine-tuning, which can be critical to a project’s success or failure. I highly recommend her services across-the-board.

J Dakota Powell, O’Neill playwright, Writer’s Guild of America screenwriting fellow, Scriptapalooza TV winner

I had a “first-draft paperweight” on my desk for months. With Pilar’s help, my scripts have transformed from desk clutter into calling cards. I’ve been hired by Warner Bros. to write a book adaptation, signed with ICM, and am a new member of the WGA. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be in the position I am today if it weren’t for Pilar and “On the Page.”

Bill Birch, script sale to Warner Bros “The Pre-Astronauts” and “Weekend Warrior”

The session with you was AMAZING! I recorded it, and spent the next twenty-four hours in Pilar afterglow, just anticipating how awesome the script could be if I implemented all of your suggestions — your really are great at this: just the right blend of encouragement and critical comments — and man, do you know your stuff! You brought up things I’d never ever considered, and every comment was spot-on; perfect pitch!

Michael Lipoma

Just to talk to somebody who GETS writing and writers, and is so creative and smart, well, wow, lovely.  Thank you.  Off to write!


The amount of passion you bring and your demeanor truly make “swallowing the medicine” a lot easier.  I tend not to be too sensitive in this regard, but your professionalism and personality make it very easy to hear the messages without feeling at all defensive.

Keith Armonaitis

Pilar’s consult on my script was terrific.  She provided great analysis on structure, character and dialogue, as well as specific notes throughout the script – what worked, and what didn’t.  Most notably, Pilar helps guide you to possible solutions and improvements, whether that’s with structure, character, dialogue or other.  It didn’t feel like I was working with a critic; it felt like I was working with a partner focused on improving my scirpt, and my craft as a writer.

Gano Lemoine

Pilar is a joy to work with.  She connected with the manuscript instantly; saw its flaws and its potential and was an enormous help as I planned and executed its rewrite.  She’s fun to work with and knows the medium better than anyone I’ve worked with thus far. Her positive energy made my day. The script is unquestionably better for her help and…so am I.

Michael Stucky

Another awesome session.  We just feel that you are so grounded and gifted at recognizing what works and what doesn’t in the kind of movies we are trying to make.  We love working with you.

Quinn Merkeley

We hired Pilar to work on a re-write; and the script is now in the finals of the Writers Network Competition (p.s. – the only one we entered last year!).  Pilar is brilliant at what she does; and she is kind and great fun to work with.  After the lengthy phone consult Pilar provided – a spectacular value – we had a crystal clear idea of what to do with the script.  The recipe was flawless.  We then hired Pilar to consult on a rewrite of our treatment, very last-minute request.  That too was brilliant.  In a field littered with over-priced, under-skilled, pompous individuals who provide script coverage, Pilar is a stand-out as a person of talent, integrity, great results and FUN! Thanks Pilar!

CJ and Jonathan Sang

Your feedback was positive, insightful and most of all it made sense to the story.  I got into this next rewrite re-energized and armed with new tools that I know will take my script to the next level!

Michael Adams

Pilar quickly uncovers a script’s weaknesses while understanding and supporting the writer’s individual vision. She is equally adept at sculpting tone, theme and structure as she is dialogue and character arcs.  Pilar also keeps pace with the fast changing industry, creating a balance between the art of writing and the important commercial business end. She develops neophyte writers as easily as she improves professional writing. Simply put, Pilar makes getting script notes enjoyable. I have improved my craft tremendously under her tutelage.

Laurence Walsh, Writer “CSI Miami,” “NCIS” and “The Dresden Files,” feature writer for Universal

I had my final meeting with Pilar on my script, Fairies Landing. WOW! Not only did she do an excellent analysis, but steered me in the right direction of a re-write to make the script better, and I mean better. Not only did she do a thorough read and evaluation, she was professional, funny, stern, and supportive. She was awesome. She loved the script, and dialogue which made me feel great, but, clearly and precisely, pointed out spots where the script was weak. She even offered ideas of what she would like to see if she was sitting in a theater seat watching the movie, and her ideas were fantastic. I’m a fan. She’s worth twice the price. Thank you to those who recommended her.

Cheryl Miller

I took your advice, made the changes and the script has been getting a great response. It won the 20/20 contest, I got an agent out the deal, it’s been requested by some of the companies I had contact with from the Nicholl, and I’ve had requests from companies viewing it on Inktip. Not bad, eh? Thanks!

Scott Weber

“After Heaven,” a finalist in the 2009 Scriptapalooza competition, was written under the auspices of Pilar’s weekly workshops and a private consultation with Pilar. The suggestions made by Pilar and my fellow weekly workshoppers were invaluable. Pilar’s got a great sense of story and there is an excellent work ethic there. I would wholeheartedly recommend On the Page to any serious screenwriter.

Chris Eisenberg

I chose you out of all the professionals I met and learned of at the Expo for a reason:  your delivery of information coupled with a very tangible, down-to-earth enthusiasm makes it very easy digest your advice.  I am so glad I consulted with you!  I’ve submitted scripts for coverage so many times, and many times I wind up feeling bruised and battered.  Thanks for your excellent polishes and encouragement.  Hearing you say that you liked this or that part of the script reminded me how wonderful it is to be a storyteller, and the special feeling we get when someone is really listening.

Todd Sorrell

I’m incredibly grateful not just for your insights but your solutions. Critique is always valuable; but critique + ideas are priceless.

Jeff Koyen

Just so you know, one of the key things that drew me to On The Page were the words “don’t expect to drown in vague industry buzzwords or be met with rigid ideas about what a movie “should” be… on your website. You got to the point right away in your assessment and made comments with an economy of words. Meeting was just what I expected.

Eric Andrews

Pilar’s so, so, so GOOD at this! It’s one thing to know her rep, one thing to listen to the podcast and know that she knows her stuff, but it’s entirely another to watch her work on your story and get the feeling she knows it even better than you do. All of a sudden, my nagging worries about the story have evaporated and the whole thing falls neatly into place. Rest assured, no story of mine will see the light of day till it goes through Pilar. She has won herself a client for life. If Pilar’s not born to do what she does, then no one is.

Aureliano Sanchez-Arango

Pilar is a great teacher not simply because of the useful information that she conveys, but more importantly, in the way she relates to each writer. She gets to know you as a person and tailors her discussion of your material to fit your writing style and goals.  So many other consultants try to make you fit into their preconceived rules about style, formatting, story, etc. Pilar will help you tell the story that you want to tell – and that’s a rare thing among Hollywood consultants.

Bill Flannigan, Winner Fade In Online, Monterey Film Commission, and Scriptshark Insider Contests, and Writers Network Screenplay and Fiction Competition

Your critique/consultation helped get my script optioned. You’re the best and I can’t wait to finish the next one and send it to you.

Patrick Thompson, Location Manager, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Pilar honed my script, WORDS OF WAR, with the precision of a surgeon’s knife to make my story jump off the page. It has resulted this year so far in a Best Script win at the Action on Film International Film festival (recognized as a major festival by IMDB), being a Second Rounder at the Austin Film Festival and the Gold Award for Action/Adventure at the PAGE International Screenwriting Competition which makes me eligible to join the WGA as an associate member. Pilar’s guidance was instrumental in making this script a success.

Nancy Noever

Pilar is the perfect bridge for experienced writers lacking just the slightest bit to reach the “other side,” Not only does becoming a professional screenwriter require talent, hard work, perseverance, and luck…but it also requires a great coach, friend, and mentor such as Pilar.  Truly, she is a subject-matter expert and an amazing coach.

Richard Lucas

It was a wonderful consultation– the point of view changed significantly, bringing a new voice and energy to the story. Quite unexpected and exhilarating.

Kathleen Mullin

Some things are ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA. Things like START FURTHER IN, SHOW DON’T TELL, SET IT UP –  PAY IT OFF. At the top of our list is, LET’S SHOW IT TO PILAR.

Judith Cummings, Edgar Pablos

Just wanted to let you know that I received a 52 out of 60 from Script Savvy’s August contest on the rewrite/polish of Hunter’s Bounty that we worked on together! Contest results haven’t yet been released, but after receiving 9 out of 10 in nearly every category, I am thrilled! The work we did is paying off.

Matt Allen

I just attended the “Take a Meeting” event and I just wanted to thank you for the advice. You didn’t beat around the bush. Concise and helpful. Your ability to grab ahold of the core concept of an idea, flesh it out, and make it work astounded me. It was like watching a magician in her element.


I took the class you gave the Disney fellows and writers earlier last year. Your techniques helped me get my first offer on my first reality show pitch!

Bernadette Rivero

Thanks (in no small part, I’m sure) to your input, my screenplay A YEAR AT SEA won the Rhode Island International Film Festival’s “Barren Trees” GLBT Screenwriting competition! As a first time screenwriter, it was a huge confidence builder, one that wouldn’t have been possible without your help. I’m working on another script now, and you can be sure you are the first person I’ll send it to for a critical once over!

T. Gates Councilor

Just finished my script rewrite as per your notes and I really think it works. Thank you so much for all your help, attention and care throughout this process. You make me write screenplays that I am not ashamed of, screenplays that I like and want to show people. I cannot thank you enough.


The consultation call yesterday left me energized and excited about completing this project.

Anita Ondine

Thanks very much for your fabulous consultation on my current screenplay, Crescent Moon and Star. Your creative insight and knowledge of what needs to be ‘on the page’ is truly invaluable. And you’re funny too.

Dave Kiez, Canada

Thanks for all your help, encouragement and insight. It was a blast.

Bill Zeinert

Thanks for all your efforts to help us improve our craft. You gave us a place to start with the encouragement to believe that we can actually do this!

Donna Tallman, Oregon

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the consultation. You truly exemplify professionalism with your comments and ideas. You’re right on target, and know exactly what needs to be done to fix a script. You gave me a creative shot in the arm getting me back on the creative track.

Donna Monroe

Your straightforward attitude is refreshing and effective. I felt pumped to write when I left the class, full of ideas.

Allesandra Gherardi

I owe much credit for the success of my script to you and I will be sure to have you read my next one.

Bob DeFranco

When I came in with the script, I showed you some of the coverage and it was lousy. After your six-week class and your analysis, I got an agent and became a finalist in Scriptapalooza.

Art Blum

I was fascinated with how quickly and with how little background information you started asking the right questions. Thanks so much!

Vojislav Pajovic

I just got off the phone with you and am so excited to write and polish the piece, I can’t describe it. I always leave our conversations wanting to write, and wanting to be better; sign of a good teacher.

Michelle Muldoon

Just wanted to thank you for your comments the other day.  I pulled out my notes just now and I realized, I’m actually looking forward to this re-write!

Doug Mecimore

I very much enjoyed the “script therapy.” My mind whirls with new character choices and movement.  You are a great teacher.

Diane Hodill

I just happened to be reading a screenwriting book at Starbucks a few weeks ago, when a strange woman (I mean, I didn’t know her) interrupted me to tell me about your workshops.  She was so enthusiastic, that I went home and looked up your website.  I have to say, I am impressed and excited to schedule a consultation.

Denise Downer

Your insightfulness as a reader, and your creativity in helping writers solve story problems, was vouched for in the consultation itself. I was really impressed, and glad to have someone of your caliber read my work.

Jack Dawe

The session was exactly what I was hoping for (and NEEDED!!).  Your feedback was direct, constructive, and specific; it’s clear that my script will be a much stronger after I implement the changes we discussed.  It’s also clear that you love what you do!!!  Such a pleasure to talk with someone who is not only passionate about screenwriting, but who’s also damn good at it!

It was detailed, constructive, and totally “on the nail.” I now feel enabled to hone the next draft to a much higher level than would otherwise have been possible.

Howard Whiteson

Pilar is a genius. Without touching my basic story, she made simple but brilliant suggestions to take my script to the next level.  I subsequently placed in a number of competitions. Her classes are equally compelling, interactive and always fun. In short, Pilar was born to do this–and her passion is infectious. Did I mention she’s a genius?

Michael Grebb

Just wanted to thank you for all of your valuable insight and suggestions offered during our consult. I have spent all morning at the coffee shop scribbling notes and coming up with new scene ideas – after five hours I have twelve pages of notes and tomorrow I start the rewrite. I have spent an equal amount of money on other script consultants only to receive two – three pages of what’s wrong and maybe a note or two on how to improve.  Spending ninety minutes with you on the phone was a much more valuable experience and worth every penny.  All I can say is: Thank you.

Mike Scherer