Hey, it’s Pilar.  Thank you for looking into the script coaching process, “Story to Script.”  Here are some answers to a few frequently asked questions.

Q: What is “Story-to-Script?”

A:  This service allows me to personally coach you step-by-step to build your script from idea to final draft. To do this, we meet first for a story consultation to break story and outline act breaks. At the end of that appointment, we schedule deadlines for 3-4 more meetings, adding pages with every session. This service allows you to both create, develop and rewrite as you go.  I’ve been so pleased with the scripts that have come out of this process!

Q: How many pages are covered in the meetings?

For feature scripts, the meetings cover: story / pages 1-25 / pages 1-50 / pages 1-75 / full draft.

For one-hour pilots, the meetings cover: story / pages 1-20 / pages 1-40 / full draft.

For half-hour pilots the meetings cover: story / pages 1-15 / full draft / rewrite.

Q: What do you do for the first story consultation?

A: Tell me your idea and share your thoughts about how you see your movie or pilot. I’ll work with you to find the strongest story, a clear structure and an original approach to the  characters. You’ll leave with a story map and a sound writing plan. No written material is required. If you already have written material (such as an outline), please do not send more than three pages.

Q: How do you analyze scripts and pages?

A: I read thoroughly with an eye toward certain issues: Is the story tracking? Are you digging into your concept? Are your characters coming alive? Does your dialogue pop? Are your pages well-crafted? I then discuss the strengths and weaknesses with you through Zoom. Wherever possible, we “script doctor,” tweaking lines, editing pages and heightening characters. I don’t just point out the problems. I help you fix them. All sessions are recorded, and if you write in Final Draft, I’ll often make notes and corrections directly on the script itself as I “share” the script on screen. 

Q: What about written notes?

A:  Too often writers are left feeling confused or disheartened by written “do this / don’t do that” coverage. A verbal consultation allows writers to ask questions, work with specific pages and brainstorm solutions on the spot. I also record our session through Zoom and then send you the recording so that you can review the notes. I also send back the draft I was sharing on screen with the notes and edits within the draft that were discussed in the meeting.

Q: Do you use script readers?

A: No. Your material is never farmed out. I read every script and talk with you personally.

Q: How long is each meeting?

A: Usually about 60 minutes.

Q: If you make specific suggestions, do you expect a credit or fee as a writer or a producer?

A: Absolutely not. I am not a producer, a co-writer, or a manager. My job is to help you finish your script and revise your pages. Your script and ideas are your own. I claim no rights to them. 

Q: What about confidentiality?

A: I fully respect your need for confidentiality. Because of the volume of material I work with, there are occasions where I read and consult on material with similar ideas. Most of the time, there are major differences in execution. By sending your script or idea to me by e-mail, you do so with the knowledge that it is not uncommon for writers to have similar ideas, that parallel development may take place within the film and TV industry and that similarities between your script/idea and any other script/idea are purely coincidental.

Q: Can you get me a producer or agent?

A:  I don’t move material. But, I can assure you that your script will be ready when you meet the right contact.  If “success = preparation + opportunity,” consider me the preparation part of that equation.

Q: I have a completed script. Can I just submit that for consultation?

A:  I no longer consult on completed scripts that haven’t been workshopped through the story to script process. 

Q: How do I schedule an appointment for Story to Script?

A: Just pay directly through the website or, if you need to make payments over time, contact me at pilar@onthepage.tv and let me know you’d like an invoice. I’ll then work with you to get your first story consultation on the calendar asap.

Q: What if I have additional questions?

A: Please send an email to pilar@onthepage.tv.

Available Story to Script Consultations

Pilar personally coaches you step-by-step to build your script from idea to final draft.