On-The-Page-2nd-Edition-Coffee-Break-ScreenwriterNew & Updated, 2nd Edition!

Got ten minutes? Write your script.

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Packed with ten-minute writing tools, The Coffee Break Screenwriter keeps it focused and simple.

Writers — from novice to professional — benefit at every stage of the writing process with a relaxed, “ten minutes at a time” method.“Ten-Minute Lectures” and “Take Ten” writing templates distill and demystify old-school theory, helping writers unblock, outline, finish pages, and move forward. Plus, advice from working writers on how to use time more efficiently!

This second edition updates examples and pitch templates and adds television to the mix, helping you to write your TV pilot as quickly and efficiently as your screenplay.

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Send proof of purchase to inquire@onthepage.tv and you’ll receive an e-mail download of the key templates and worksheets within the book.

“Open this book to any page right now and read one of the lessons… If you tell me you didn’t have at least a minor epiphany about how to make your script better, you’re lying.”

Carl Ellsworth, writer – Red Eye, Disturbia, Red Dawn (2010)

“This is the book I needed when I first moved out to Hollywood — a nuts and bolts approach to screenwriting and the world around it. It will take you from talking about writing a screenplay to actually doing it.”

Garrett Donovan, writer/executive producer – Community, Scrubs

“As close as you can get to taking a screenwriting class. For busy people juggling career and a home life and putting off writing a script — you have no more excuses. This is the help you’ve been waiting for!

Andrea McCall, Head of Story, DreamWorks SKG

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